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Founded in 1363 in Alborz Industrial City. The company began its activities by producing wind-welds and then producing PVC pipes.

Activities in various fields, including construction, electricity, transportation and poultry industries, are among other fields of work of this company.

 Production of Duct 2 and 2.5 was the first in Iran to begin the expansion of the company.

With changes made to the board of directors of the company in February 2005, the company has been increasing the variety of products with the highest quality, reasonable prices and changing packaging design.

One of the most important products offered is the production of PVC treadings in sizes 50 * 80, 50 * 100 and 50 * 150 with all their lateral components for the first time in Iran, which is of high quality and in accordance with international standards is .

The new design of locked door locks for the first time in Iran, the production and supply of electrical and network equipment with the highest level of quality and in accordance with European standards, the production of honesty with all high quality and high quality fittings for the first time in Iran, the beginning of production of various types of metal products (rack, patch panel ...), as well as export of products to several countries from the Supermarket Supreme Court.
With a dedicated and experienced manager, with nearly half a century of brilliant drummer experience in the manufacture of molds, machines and product manufacturing, the company adds and adds great value to the diversification of its products.
With its high abilities and brilliant experience, Supita's manufacturing and industrial company is ready to manufacture various types of molds and products.
We hope to be able to put together the country without importing foreign products



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